The 100 series range of tension load cells are designed, machined, heat treated, constructed and calibrated in our Australia facility from quality sourced 630 stainless steel (100T series) or aluminium (103T series).

  • Hardened 630 stainless steel
  • Light single piece design (no bushings)
  • IP67 rated load cell
  • 6:1 safety factor
  • Wired & wireless portable kits available
  • Custom variations available (100kg to 100t)
  • Accuracy*:- Better than 0.5% of range
  • Overload:- 200% (No damage), 600% (Ultimate)
  • Excitation:- <12V DC
  • Output:- 2.00mV/V
  • Thermal:- 0.005%/°C on output or zero shift
  • Temperature:- 10°C to +60°C (compensated), -10°C to +80°C (operating)
  • Made in Australia

* Accuracy includes linearity, hysteresis and creep



          The Delphi 103T series aluminium tension cell range are designed for a wide range of load monitoring, weighing, lifting, winching and towing applications. The thickness and hole diameter of the load cell is designed to match the standard sizes of Grade S Bow shackles.

  • High strength aircraft grade aluminium
  • Safety design features
  • IP67 rated load cell
  • 5:1 safety factor
  • Portable & wireless kits available
  • Accuracy*:- < 0.5% of range
  • Overload:- 150% (No damage), 500% (Ultimate)
  • Excitation:- <12V DC
  • Output:- 1.00mV/V
  • Thermal:- 0.005%/°C on output or zero shift
  • Temperature:- 10°C to +60°C (compensated), -10°C to +80°C (operating)
  • Made in Australia

# 50t unit can be used on 45t or 55t shackles
ˆ Above 150t suit grade T shackles. All other ranges suit Grade S shackles.
* Accuracy includes linearity, hysteresis and creep. For optimum accuracy and safety, shackle size should match cell capacity.


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