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PROLOADT1:  Single module for single winch cranes
PROLOADT2:  Dual module for twin winch cranes

  • Surge voltage protection unit which serves to limit eventual surge voltages in intrinsically safe circuits.
  • For installation with the RCI-4000IS and RCI-4100IS systems.
  • Type of module: PLUGTRAB PT 4-EX(I)-24DC-ST(DIN rail mounted)
  • EC-Type Examination Certificate Number: KEMA 00ATEX1099 X
  • Equipment marking: Shall include EEx ia IIC T4...T6
  • Ambient temperature range:
       -40°C to +40°C for temperature class T6
       -40°C to +55°C for temperature class T5
       -40°C to +80°C for temperature class T4
  • Electrical data:
       Ui = 30
       VIi = 500 mA
       Pi= 3 W
       The effective internal capacitance Ci= 1.1 nF
       The effective internal inductance Li= 1 uH
  • Dimensions: 140mm (L) x 140mm (W) x 107mm (D)
  • Mounting: Via a mounting bracket (Part Number: KIT4000LP)
  • Glands for cable entry: 20mm HEYCO glands
  • Weight: 3.8kg (approx) including mounting bracket


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